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Moving over chronic disease

Now is the time to get your patients to Exercise. PHYZ X 2U has the solution to not only get them doing the right thing, but support and coach them remotely to make exercise a habit.

Physical inactivity alone is the 4th highest risk factor for all causes of death and 2nd highest risk factor for all cancers. Further to that, exercise positively influences 5 of the top 6 risk factors for chronic disease and death in Australia;

  1. Smoking
  2. High blood pressure*
  3. Overweight and obesity*
  4. Physical inactivity*
  5. High blood glucose*
  6. High cholesterol*

Let’s transform the lives of your patients forever

We are excited to be able to spread the message of “exercise is medicine” and also provide a unique service to the medical professionals throughout NSW and the communities they serve. PHYZ X 2U specialises in providing life changing “exercise prescription”.  We bring Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists to you and your patients to ensure the crucial steps to safely and effectively prescribing exercise is not missed. Further to this we support them remotely for 12 weeks to help them create a habit that sticks, one that transforms their lives forever. Whether rehabilitating injury, preventing the onset or managing chronic disease our team are here to change the health profile of Australia.

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