Phyz X 2 U | Mobile Physio | Bringing the Medicine of Exercise to You
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A movement that transforms lives

We will help 125,000 rural Australians make their physical and mental health their top priority by 2025

“Together we can protect our most valuable asset, the health and resilience of our rural people so that our beautiful country continues to thrive”

How we are bringing the medicine of exercise 2u

Premium Service


Over $850 value for



$265 full program cost

*Medicare bulk billed with appropriate CDM(EPC) referral from your GP. Speak to your GP if you are eligible for this referral type.

Start the transformation today

Learn More about the Program here


We need to act now as doing nothing is killing us.

Chronic disease is responsible for 90% of all deaths in Australia. If we act now, we can change this, together.

Exercise is a powerful medicine.

Exercise is proven effective in modifying 5 out of 6 leading risk factors for all chronic diseases, so if we took this medicine we could transform the health of Australians.

We need to create a movement.

More than 55% of Australians do not meet the minimal exercise guidelines and someone needs to help get them moving.

Delivering the message is key in rural Australia.

Vast travel distances, smaller populations and limited health and fitness infrastructure leaves rural Australia disadvantaged with less guidance, support and access to quality allied health care.



Feel fitter, healthier, happier, reduce pain, injury, illness achieve your goals and realise your potential.

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